Homosexuality laws

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Homosexuality laws

Homosexuality AND THE Laws OF Moral Physics

Within minutes after swearing in So, what does the Bible have to say about human sexuality? Specifically, what does Scripture say about homosexuality ?

Criminal Laws on Homosexuality in African Nations

The following chart summarizes the treatment of homosexuality in the criminal laws of forty-nine African nations.

Northern Cyprus decriminalisation of homosexuality

The European Court of Human Rights has held on a number of occasions that laws similar to the anti-homosexuality laws of Northern Cyprus violate the right.

Homosexual Teenagers - Teenagers, Relationships and the Family

Discover librarian-selected research resources on Homosexual Teenagers from the Questia online library, including full-text online books, academic journals

How Homosexuality is Destroying SocietyMelancholymen

Homosexuality is being purposely promoted among heterosexual population, especially children. New ‘tolerance’ laws being passed are accusing parents of.

lies amp; truth about homosexuality

This page lists the common lies about homosexuality and the truth that refutes them; answers referenced to the Bible and written from Christian perspective

Homosexuality and Islam - ReligionFacts

A related problem to full enforcement of the laws against homosexuality is that while the sexes are often segregated, men are encouraged to developed

Sodomy law - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

However, when Joseph Stalin came to power these laws were reversed until homosexuality was effectively made illegal again by the government.

Press Release Anti- Homosexuality Laws

You are here: Home / Religion and sexuality / Press Release: American Christian Leaders Speak Out Against Anti- Homosexuality Laws

Cameroon may toughen laws criminalising homosexuality

The Cameroonian government is preparing to reform its criminal code and may toughen laws criminalising homosexuality according to Alice Nkom, head